Employee Lina Blanco along with Union President Sean Moy Lina is an administrative Assistant III for the Department of Parks and Recreation ,Lina has been a City of Miami Employee for 30 years and a Union member for her entire career
Few are called into public service as wages are not always compensated to private sector wages. Union Sister Lina Blanco has always been there for here Union and recently she has helped her union once again by recruiting 3 Employees to Join the Miami General employees Union local 1907. The Union thanks her for her continuous support and we encourage all Union members to help individually in your own department to grow the union gand speak to other employees about joining the Union we are only stronger together. Union Strong # local 1907

Employee Jorge Perez is a heavy equipment mechanic and has been a Union member for 5 years . our brother performs the duties that are  critical to having operational readiness of our entire heavy fleet of vehicles. Because of the labor our brother provides City of Miami Garbage trucks , Cranes , bobcats and many other heavy equipment vehicles are running and giving the City of Miami Residents the service they need .  Union Strong # Local 1907

Employee Ramiro Salgado is a Mechanic for General Services Administration  he has been a union member for 5 years .  we will always find our union brother performing his duties as a mechanic he simply loves his job and would not have it any other way .  as Ramiro says we all have a trade and we have a Job  and he prides himself in great customer service to our employees . Union strong # Local 1907

Employee Elias Hernandez has  been a Union member for 5 years . and he is a light fleet mechanic  we all having a calling and our brother Elias loves what he does each and every day .

Employee Ivan Romero is a light fleet mechanic at General Services Administration (GSA). Ivan has been a Union member for 7 years he provides exceptional service to all vehicles at GSA.  We sometimes take for granted how good of service our brothers do for all City of Miami Employees, getting inside of City of Miami vehicle and knowing that we are safe when on the road weather we are doing work on our way home . we know that our Union brothers have our back and we are safe because of them.  Union strong # local 1907

Miami Mayor Francis Suarez address an all Unionized shop of public Works employees from the operations division , concrete crews , Maintance and landscaping Division. Among other crews Mayor Suarez talks to our Union members about the importance of safety while they perform there Jobs prior to a busy Hurricane season . Our Public works Brothers And sisters are critical employees of preventing substancial damage from debris once a Hurricane is approaching . Unión Strong #local 1907

Employee Christian Moy with Union President Sean Moy . The City of Miami Commission along Miami Mayor Francis Suarez gives a commendation Letter to our Union brother Christian Moy for 24 years of Exceptional service to the City of Miami . It’s an Honor to stand next to my Dad as he showed me everything  I know in life And that hard work always pays off . And that being a Union man will always be in our blood line . My Dad believes in Honesty and fairness and that we are equal and the City of Miami can’t move forward without the General Employees. Unión Strong # Local 1907

Every General Employee provides an invaluable service . Our Union brother Leonel Wallen has a Union brother for 25 years and also a City Employee for 25 Years . His Trade is a Welder weather is boats that need repair or fire trucks that fall apart and need to welded or even Garbage truck  whose door no longer operates . A welder is always available our Brother Leonel is always providing exceptional service. Unión Strong # Local 1907